About Us


Hutchison’s Fresh Fish, established in 1975 by Stewart Hutchison, continues to deliver excellent fresh fish products and customer service, throughout Fife to this day.

Photo of Stewart Hutchison

Paul Hutchison now runs the family business and his main objective is to source quality fresh fish from local fish markets throughout Scotland. Paul is proud to have developed a trusted relationship with various suppliers in Scottish fishing ports such as Scrabster, Peterhead and St Monans.

This all means that customers get the best of quality fresh fish, at all times, whether that’s straight to the door or workplace.

Photo of Paul Hutchison


All orders are delivered within 1-3 working days by Paul himself. 

Customers can select a daytime delivery or an evening delivery (from 5pm till 8pm). By choosing an evening delivery, this will ensure our valuable customers do not miss out because they are at work. All of our customers are able to buy our Quality Fresh Fish at a time that suits them.


At Hutchison’s Fresh Fish we pride ourselves on our quality products and the enviable relationship that we have with all of our customers. We are always delighted to receive your feedback, recipes, photos !

So, please fell free to visit our very popular Facebook page anytime! You will find some amazing and, very much appreciated, reviews from our existing customers there.

We look forward to serving you our Catch of the Day!